The Polo Series

The world's oldest team sport

The Polo Series is a brand new collection that I have been working on for 2023. It is a collection that was entirely photographed on private farms in Wellington, FL. The lifestyle surrounding the sport of Polo is something truly incredible. People come from all over the world to attend these events and witnessing the passion and sportsmanship is something I’ll never forget.

I went into this series knowing that I wanted to honor the sport of Polo while also highlighting the high-end and luxurious lifestyle that comes with it. People dressing up in classy attire and cheering from the sidelines is a unique energy of its own and I wanted to also spotlight that culture within these artworks. Each one of these photographs was captured on B&W film using a vintage medium-format film camera from the 80s.

These photographs were only made possible with the help of the models who are professional showjumpers and the polo players who dominate in their craft. I hope this series brings joy and many conversations to those who are looking to collect these artworks.

Beau Simmons

“Polo has always been a sport I have been interested in capturing. My goal was to create something that honors the luxurious lifestyle that often accompanies the sport."

We were able to get our hands on two talented showjumpers as models to pose next to a 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC. There have only been a handful of these ever made in this dark green color.

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I wanted to capture the feeling of a polo player flirting with a young and classy woman in between a game as she watched from the sidelines.

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My goal was to create something that honors the luxurious lifestyle that comes with the sport of Polo. We used a classic Jaguar that we were able to outsource from a local car collector.

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