For me, there is a certain attraction to juxtaposition. Something that stops you in your tracks so as to think; that really doesn’t belong there - I've always been drawn to moments like these. For this series I wanted to create an image that elicited this same feeling. I knew in this photo I was to create, I wanted a sense of timelessness also, something that really couldn’t be dated.

Through some friends of mine in Utah, I had the opportunity to shoot a Porsche 356 Speedster, the perfect embodiment of timeless elegance - thanks Kevin! After being told this car was meant to be driven, not babied, I knew I had found the perfect subject for my latest photo series. Something about the simplicity of a lake bed, paired with one of the most beautiful cars of all time screamed sophisticated beauty, but with a daring edge - this car belongs in a showroom, not in the dirt!

The resulting images are the combination of this, and I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Harry Mark

"One of the most beautiful cars of all time that screams sophisticated beauty, but with a daring edge!"

My personal favourite of the series. I love the car sitting on it’s own, proudly parked in front of a donut. The car looks as though it wants to be driven, and driven for fun. It’s that emotion that draws me to this image, and makes me want to jump in my own car and go for a drive.

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The simplicity of the car, complimented so kindly by the lines of the landscape. This is the timeless feeling I wanted to come through in this photo series.

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This image perfectly depicts the juxtaposition I was chasing. The clean, smooth, elegant shapes of the car, paired with the cracking, rough, barren surface of the lake bed. These two don’t belong together, yet they pair oh so well.

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